IPADS Alumni Talk #01Beyond Academia: Research Skills for Life After Grad School

IPADS Alumni Talk #01
Beyond Academia: Research Skills for Life After Grad School
by Priyanka Soni (Ph. D.),
VP of Clinical products IPeace, Inc, Graduated from the IPADS in 2014

Have you wondered what it’s like to work at a biotech startup in Silicon Valley? Are you anxious about life after graduate school and wonder how your current research and classes will be useful for life after graduation? Join me as I share my journey as an international IPADS student to a biotech executive.
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time & date: 2 pm~4pm in Japanese standard time (UTC+9), August 9th, 2022
On-site: Room#231/232, Agriculture Building 7B, Yayoi campus, the University of Tokyo, Japan
Online: Zoom link will be after registration.
primary language:English
organizer: IPADS
supporter: Global Agriculture and Culture Forum Group, AGRI-COCOON(act141)
attendance fee:free
Participants:Current students or graduates of IPADS, Global Agricultural Sciences and other students in UTokyo
Registration: google form